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Training & Consults: Welcome


In this line of work, there are a lot of topics that did not get fully covered in grad school. You may find there are some gaps in your knowledge base or cultural humility around working with and understanding the LGBTQ+ community or autistic community. Maybe you’ve got a complex case that you’d like a second set of ears and eyes on to bring fresh ideas or a different perspective.

Common consultation topics include:

  • autism (screening, accommodations, etc.)

  • gender dysphoria and euphoria

  • parenting autistic and/or trans youth

  • executive functioning

  • trans culture

  • autistic culture

  • kink and sex

  • sensory regulation strategizing

  • "gifted kids", "2e students", "highly sensitive people"

  • writing letters for gender affirming medical treatment

  • navigating unmasking as a teen or adult

  • using play therapy techniques

I am passionate about case consultation with other clinicians. I believe that the more knowledge is shared, the better service we can provide, especially to marginalized populations that are still not widely featured in curriculum. If you're looking for a deep dive into a case or multiple cases, please reach out. I charge a $200 session rate for the full 50 minutes for a one-on-one appointment. This fee allows me to provide reduced rate supervision for newly graduated clinicians working toward licensure.

Please note that I am open to providing paid consult support via phone, video call, and/or in-person, depending on your needs. This can be recurring support or one-time support as needed.

I assume we will be meeting via Zoom unless something else is requested.


Feel welcome to use the scheduling widget below to pick a time/date and I will send follow up information through Simple Practice, including a Clinical Consultation Consent form.

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Training & Consults: About Therapy
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Staffing cases and sharing ideas.

Clinical Supervision for Social Workers

I am currently full for supervisees.

Training & Consults: Famous Quote


NOTE: At this time, I am booked for speaking opportunities until January 2024.

I love speaking with educators, school counselors, and therapists about how to best support autistic youth, LGBTQ+ youth AND how to support guardians of LGBTQ+ and/or autistic youth.

I also enjoy talking about the fundamentals of Play Therapy, especially Child-Centered Play Therapy and creating group therapy curriculum.

My presentation style can best be described as a "loose lecture" - I prefer interactive discussion while presenting research and techniques. Small groups (4-10 participants) are my favorite but I have presented in front of much larger audiences (50+.) I welcome questions and encourage everyone to feel that they can ask whatever they need clarity on.

I have official presentations prepared around the following topics:

  • Neurodiversity Affirming Practice (1 hour)

  • The Clinical Fundamentals of Autism (1.5 hours)

  • Trans: Basic Knowledge (1.5 hours)

  • Working with Trans Adults (1.5 hours)

  • Play Therapy with Transgender Youth (3-4 hours)

  • Supporting Autistic Transgender Youth through Transition (1.5 hours)

I am also open to speaking to groups based on my own personal experiences regarding mental health and being part of the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, if you or your organization is in need of a consultation around being inclusive to LGBQ+ and/or gender expansive clientele, please reach out and we can discuss ways I can support you.

I am not currently an independent CEU provider.

Training & Consults: About Therapy

An online self-paced course worth 3.5 Association for Play Therapy CEUs on a special topic: transgender and gender expansive youth!

This workshop begins with a brief overview of transgender social and clinical history, terminology, and the differences between sexuality and gender identity. Participants will then be informed of cultural experiences and challenges that gender expansive youth may face. We will discuss gender exploration in play, with a focus on common themes, and cover 10 items your playroom should have. We will also cover 7 directive activities designed to help explore gender identity and 10 books to use for bibliotherapy. The presentation will include a framework for supporting caregivers, as well as ways to decrease the intensity of gender dysphoria. It ends with 4 case vignettes spanning youth ages 7 to 17 using play-based techniques.

Click to check it out!

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Previous & Upcoming Presentations...

  • "Supporting Students: Social Emotional Learning & De-escalation through a Play Therapy Framework" for Chesapeake Beach Professional Seminars, January 2024, virtual

  • "Supporting Autistic Transgender Youth Through Transition: A 5-Part Framework to Support Clients' Social & Physical Transitions" for Chesapeake Beach Professional Seminars, December 2023, virtual

  • "The Clinical Fundamentals of Autism: Screening and Affirming Play Therapy Treatment for Autistic Youth" for Chesapeake Beach Professional Seminars, November 2023, virtual

  • "Supporting Students: Social Emotional Learning & De-escalation" for Communities in Schools of Benton-Franklin, August 2023, virtual

  • Participated in "Tips for Moving Towards A Neuro Inclusive Framework in Autism Intervention: A Long-Awaited Panel Discussion" for PESI, April 2023, virtual

  • "Supporting Autistic Trans Youth through Transition" for PESI, April 2023, virtual

  • "Play Therapy with Transgender Youth" for Chesapeake Beach Professional Seminars, March 2023, virtual

  • "Understanding and Treating Transgender Youth in Clinical Practice" for Lutheran Community Services Northwest, April 2022, virtual

  • "Trans Sensitive Play Therapy" for Chesapeake Beach Professional Seminars, April 2022, virtual

  • "Understanding and Treating Transgender Youth in Clinical Practice" for Chesapeake Beach Professional Seminars, March 2022, virtual

  • "Trans Sensitive Play Therapy" for ID State Association for Play Therapy, June 2021, virtual

  • "Table Talk: LGBTQ+ Real Talk" with Communities in Schools, May 2020, WA State, virtual

  • "Trans Sensitive Play Therapy" for WA State Association for Play Therapy Spring 2019 Conference, Seattle, WA

  • "Out of the Box Therapy within WISe" for WISe Symposium 2018, Kennewick, WA

  • "Trans 101" for Transgender Education Night 2015 at The Reach, Kennewick, WA

  • "Trans 101" for Transgender Education Night 2014 at The Reach, Kennewick, WA

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