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Autism Screening

If you're looking for a neurodiversity affirming approach to exploring your autistic traits, you've come to the right place!

This service is for teens and adults located in Washington state who have wondered if they may be autistic- or have had it suggested by other professionals- but are unable to pursue or uninterested in pursuing a formal neuropsychological evaluation.

The Screening Process

The screening process takes three 50-minute sessions to complete, with some paperwork for you to fill out in-between meetings with your clinician. This process is built to be as affirming, celebratory, and strengths-based as possible.

First session: Your clinician will discuss the intake documents you filled out, explore your story and life experiences, and provide education about being autistic.

Second session: You and your clinician will review your scores and responses to assessment tools (to be completed prior to this session) and dig deeper into your experiences of common autistic traits.

Third session: Your clinician will discuss their findings, offer additional resources, answer questions, and provide more education about autism.

After confirmation, your clinician will be happy to write a letter in support of a formal diagnosis if you want to seek out a full neuropsychological evaluation from a different provider or if you would like to provide this information to your current or future therapist. You will also receive a list of additional resources for future learning.

Your Financial Investment

The fee per session is $200. Spectrum Counseling is not paneled with insurance companies. However, as these sessions are therapeutic and diagnostic in nature, a superbill document can be provided after sessions if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. Each session fee will happen after the appointment; late cancellation and no show fees will apply, if applicable.


There is an additional $200 administrative fee that is generally not able to be reimbursed by insurance. This is charged after the first session, prior to your additional assessment tools being scored and reviewed.

In total, your investment for the screening process is $800 over the course of the three sessions. After the first session, you will be billed $400. After the second, you will be billed $200. After the third, you will be billed $200.

Some clients have requested additional sessions for extra support- please speak with your clinician if you need additional support and they can tailor this to your needs. Those costs are not reflected here.

The Difference Between Screening & Assessment

Your clinician is an autistic Licensed Independent Social Worker, who is able to diagnose anything in the DSM for which they have extensive knowledge, which includes Autism. This screening can result in you gaining this diagnosis. If you're seeking clarity with understanding yourself, how to support yourself, and ideas for environmental adaptations, this screening may be just what you need!


However, in Washington state, formal assessment is generally required to seek Disability funds, services, and income. Formal assessment is often also required from certain school districts and employers for school or work accommodations. If you're in need of work or school accommodations, please reach out to your school or employer to first determine if a LICSW's diagnosis is sufficient or if you need a formal neuropsychological evaluation for accommodations.

Scheduling Your Screening

To schedule, please find a time on the scheduling widget (or click here) to reserve your first session. These sessions are held on a telehealth platform. The other sessions will be scheduled with your clinician after the first meeting.

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