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Providing therapy for teens, young adults, and parents who are experiencing anxiety and self-doubt in Richland, WA, with a focus on those that are LGBTQ+ and/or are autistic.
I also provide mental health therapy for LGBTQ+ adults in southeastern WA.
I am a Child Mental Health Specialist and Registered Play Therapist in Richland, WA.


Your child will learn, grow, and express themselves within a therapeutic environment. Evidence-based effective techniques will help your youth build positive self-esteem, regulate themselves, and practice respecting and setting boundaries. Read more.

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We will meet in a one-on-one therapeutic setting with evidence-based interventions guiding treatment to support you in your goals. We can be as creative as you need! Read more.


You (and any partners) will learn skills based on your youth's unique needs. I am a qualified Child Mental Health Specialist and I will help you build a toolkit to navigate challenges. In session, you will have an opportunity to practice those skills in a safe environment.

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Group Discussion


We will meet in a one-on-one therapeutic setting to work toward your goals and process experiences, guided by evidence-based interventions. Read more.


Throughout the year, I connect with other local clinicians to build and facilitate social skills and mental health groups for youth of varying ages. Caregiver support groups are also offered at times.

None are currently scheduled; please check back for updates.

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For active clients, I am available to write letters for:

  • Mental health diagnosis for an IEP/504 Plan

  • WPATH letter for gender affirmation surgery

For one-time sessions, I am available to write WPATH letters for:

  • Puberty blockers and hormone treatments

  • Gender affirming surgery

I do not offer other letters/evaluations at this time.

I do not write statements for court or attend court hearings as I am not a forensic evaluator.


If you are a clinician interested in staffing cases with me within my areas of specialty, I would be happy to hear from you and see if we are a good fit. I enjoy helping others strengthen their clinical skills regarding youth & adolescents and increase their autistic & LGBTQ+ cultural competency. Read more.

IT Consulting
Mixed Race Down Syndrome Class


Joining your youth at school for a few hours, I will gather data and begin to compile suggestions for your youth's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and/or 504 Plan. Attendance at the IEP or 504 Plan meeting is also an offered service. (These services are for established clients only.)

** Currently unavailable for booking.

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