My name is Kade (he or they pronouns) and I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist, and Child Mental Health Specialist. I provide therapy, consultation, and training out of Richland, WA. I graduated from Heritage University with my Bachelors of Social Work and Walla Walla University with my Masters of Social Work. I previously served as a Wraparound with Intensive Services Program Supervisor and Mental Health Clinician for youth in the Tri-Cities.

I deeply understand the internal pain and struggle of trying to figure out one’s identity while in the throes of an anxiety disorder. There have been times in my life where I’ve felt desperate for help and where I wasn’t sure I could go on that way. It took a lot of learning, therapy, and hard work to get where I am now. My goal these days is to provide a safe space for youth and adults who are going through similar challenges - whether that’s a mix of anxiety, self-esteem challenges, and self-identity concerns or only one of those - and to help them manage it.

It is possible to manage anxiety, grow to be who you are inside, and enjoy an awesome life surrounded by people who love you!

When working with youth, I utilize Play Therapy techniques to promote healing, empowerment, attachment, and to help children gain more insight about themselves and their needs. I have a clinical focus on youth who have anxiety, are on the autism spectrum, and/or are in the LGBTQ+ community. Knowing that the family unit is a powerful catalyst in affecting change, I require the involvement of guardians in the therapeutic process.

In supporting teens and young adults, I like to merge different therapeutic modalities to promote self-reflection, exploration, and skill building. Often, therapy will be more creative than purely talk-based and I will encourage you to explore. Therapy is client-driven and the goals are shaped by you and your needs.

Personally, I identify as a life-long learner. I stay up to date on the newest clinical findings and will incorporate them into your care whenever appropriate. My ultimate goal as a therapist is to ensure that you feel heard, understood, and that we are removing shame from your life so you can be more authentically you, whether you're 2 or 22!

If this resonates with you, please reach out to me.

Kade sitting at the end of a dock, looking at the water.
Drawn headshot of Kade, child therapist in Richland, WA, providing therapy to kids and young adults.
Kade at a pottery wheel, creating.


  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

  • Registered Play Therapist

  • Child Mental Health Specialist

  • UCLA PEERS for Young Adults


  • American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)

  • Association for Play Therapy (APT)


  • Kennewick School District: District Equity Team, 2020 - Present

  • Association for Play Therapy: Eastern WA Representative Board Member, 2016 - 2021

  • Mid-Columbia Pride: Board Member, 2013 - 2017

  • Quest Youth Center: Game Night Facilitator, 2013-2015



Take a virtual look at what to expect at Spectrum Counseling in Richland, WA!

1201 Jadwin Avenue
1201 Jadwin Avenue

The 1201 Jadwin Avenue building.


Suite 104's lobby.

Play Therapy Room
Play Therapy Room

Therapeutic toys and comfy chair in the Play Therapy room.

Play Therapy Room 2
Play Therapy Room 2

More therapeutic and imaginative play toys.

Kade's Office
Kade's Office

Part of my office.

Kade's Office 2
Kade's Office 2

Part of my office.

Kade's Bookshelf
Kade's Bookshelf

A few of the things in my office.

Prism on Hand


Typically, a spectrum refers to things existing in a wide variety between a few different points. For example, a rainbow covers a spectrum of colors. Happiness exists on a spectrum -- from non-existent to the most excitedly joyful you've ever been!

Life is not in black & white: it's in a spectrum full of color!​

In this name, I wanted to give a loving nod toward both the Autistic community and LGBTQ+ community members, as we are all on a spectrum as well! I want my work to represent helping a variety of kids and young adults manage their anxiety and self-doubt. My deep well of caring, understanding, and unconditional positive regard extend to all that come into contact with me here at Spectrum Counseling.



My mission is to help youth and young adults decrease worry and increase self-esteem, while building caregivers up to feel confident and competent in providing a safe space for their child to process big emotions and challenges. Whether one-on-one, in groups, through educational tools, or by helping other clinicians learn to teach this, I want to make a positive change for our local community.

Dreaming big, here are things I would like to provide in our community in the next 5 years (2025):

A small library for established clients with books re: anxiety, autism and LGBTQ+ topics.

(In progress)

Low-cost social & skills groups for Autistic youth.

An annual fund for tools to lessen gender dysphoria for middle and high-school students (i.e. binders, makeup, etc.)

Internship opportunities for students/clinicians that would like to learn more about anxiety, autism, and LGBTQ+ topics.

A scholarship for LGBTQ+ folks who want to get a Bachelors degree in Social Work to help with educational expenses.

A scholarship for Autistic folks who want to get a Bachelors degree in Social Work to help with educational expenses.


Thank you for your support and for joining me as I work toward these goals!